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Talk about choices!  There are literally dozens of help desk and CRM solutions available today, though identifying and evaluating each one can be a daunting task.  We've selected those few we believe represent the best value in each of their respective categories, from the very basic (and very affordable) entry-level tools, to the very scalable (and more expensive) enterprise-grade tools.

However, before embarking on a help desk or CRM project, we recommend asking the following questions:

  • What business requirement is driving my need for a help desk or CRM solution?
  • What specific and measurable benefits do I expect to gain?
  • How quickly do I need a solution deployed?
  • How much software customization will be required?
  • What level of integration with other systems and external data do I need?
  • How scalable does the solution need to be?
  • Will my organization need to use this solution across multiple locations?
  • Will users need access while traveling, working at a client site or telecommuting from a home office?
  • What are my organization's security and privacy requirements?
  • Will my internal IT support staff be able to effectively support this solution?
  • Do I want to own this solution, or lease it from an applications service provider (ASP)?

Our portfolio of solutions was specifically selected to provide the following benefits:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention
  • Track Patterns in Customer Needs
  • Recognize Recurring Opportunities for Creating Additional Revenue
  • Identify and Eliminate Common Customer Support Issues
  • Eliminate Penalties for Late Services or Inappropriate Services
  • Reduce Overall Cost of Customer Service
  • Improve Overall Call Center Efficiency
Each offers the following features:  

  • Customer-Centric Comprehensive Case History Management and Contact Management

  • Searchable Knowledgebase

  • Receive, Categorize, Prioritize, Route, Assign and Track Customer Service Requests

  • Autoresponse/Autocreate Email Services

  • Field Service Personnel Dispatching Services

  • Service Contact Management, Preventative Maintenance, Depot Repairs, Parts, Logistics and Inventory Management

  • Automated Purchasing, Receiving, Configuration and Deployment
  • Internal and External (Customer Premise) Asset Management

  • Automated Order Processing, Provisioning, Customer Notifications, Shipping, Invoicing and Receivables

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management

  • Automated SLA Escalations and Notifications

  • Time Tracking and Metrics Capture to Refine Recurring Service Event Estimates

  • Customer Data Mining and Analytics

  • Business Management and Technical Reporting
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