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ITM3 California offers the following portfolio of operations-focused solutions:

Great prices on Remedy software products, plus third-party tools and consulting services
End-to-end high available solutions for servers, network services, databases and applications
Designing and deploying wireless local area networks (WLAN's)
Mobilize your applications to a roving laptop, tablet or PDA

Web-based tools for sales personnel working from a remote office or a home office
Web-based tools for project personnel working at a home office or from client sites
Timesheets and expense reports for all personnel, including roving sales and project teams
Web-based tools for pre- and post-sales, service and support teams

Sun-authorized alternatives to reduce recurring maintenance and support costs
The same tools used by the big security consulting firms, now available for internal use
Affordable reporting tools for Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2 and other SQL databases
"Below catalog" pricing Dell products, specifically for small and midsized organizations
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