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Have a marketing and sales team that needs "anywhere/anytime" access to marketing materials, product/price information, customer contacts, leads, opportunities, pipelines, forecasts and key account information?  We offer a variety of midsized solutions for those sales teams who have outgrown Excel and Outlook, but can't afford Siebel or Peoplesoft.

However, before embarking on a sales force automation (SFA) project, we recommend asking the following questions:

  • What business requirement is driving my need for an SFA solution?
  • What specific and measurable benefits do I expect to gain?
  • How quickly do I need a solution deployed?
  • How much software customization will be required?
  • What level of integration with other systems and external data do I need?
  • How scalable does the solution need to be?
  • Will my organization need to use this solution across multiple locations?
  • Will users need access while traveling, working remotely or telecommuting from a home office?
  • What are my organization's security and privacy requirements?
  • Will my internal IT support staff be able to effectively support this solution?
  • Do I want to own this solution, or lease it from an applications service provider (ASP)?

Our portfolio of solutions was specifically selected to provide the following benefits:

  • Present a Uniform, Consistent Marketing Message
  • Streamline and Coordinate Marketing and Sales Campaigns
  • Increase the Number of Prospective Leads
  • Make Timely Contact with Prospective Leads
  • Qualify and Convert a Higher Percentage of Leads into Opportunities
  • Eliminate Opportunity Oversights and Late Responses
  • Convert a Higher Percentage of Opportunities into Sales
  • Track Patterns in Customer Buying Behavior
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Retention and Repeat Business
  • Recognize and Exploit Opportunities for Cross-Selling
  • Shorten the Timelines for Marketing, Inside Sales and Outside Sales
  • Reduce the Overall Cost of Marketing and Sales
Each offers the following features:  

  • Native web client, allowing universal access from the office, while on the road or when working from a home office.  (Also accessible from PC's, laptops, mobile/wireless PDA's and WAP-enabled mobile telephones.)

  • Centralized, searchable contact management for prospects, customers, and key partners

  • Options for contact synchronization with Outlook, GoldMine, ACT! and others

  • Populate leads directly from the contact manager and assign to sales agents or sales agent pools

  • Create call lists and set reminders for to-do items, follow-up contacts, events and appointments

  • Easily convert leads to opportunities -- no more re-entering account or contact information

  • Maintain complete contact logs with dates/times, who was contacted, what was discussed, materials sent, resulting action items and reminders for follow-up calls/emails

  • Track opportunities with descriptions, sales stage, competitors, next steps, to-do lists and action items

  • Forecast opportunity value, win percentage and close date

  • Collaboration features for group scheduling, status reporting, task delegation, literature libraries and document sharing

  • Sales management dashboards with "at a glance" displays of aggregate reports, past-due alerts and quota comparisons, all with full "drill down" capabilities

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