We're a growing IT consulting firm, offering an expanding portfolio of professional services and selected products to clients across the United States.  How can we help you?

Our success comes from consistently delivering quality products and services to a repeat customer base.  Some reasons why we should be on your preferred vendor list:

Experience and Understanding
ITM3's founder has been in IT and the technology industry for over 25 years.  We thoroughly understand the challenges of IT operations within a modern organization, and fully appreciate the resource and budget constraints placed on today's IT department.

Flexible Professional Services
We offer a unique range of professional services specifically tailored for overworked, underfunded IT departments.  In addition to traditional full-time efforts, many services can also be delivered on a part-time basis (eliminating the need to commit to blocks of 40 hours per week), on-demand (delivered when you need them, only for as long as you need them) or on a fixed-price basis.

Full Lifecycle Support
ITM3 is available to work with you throughout your entire project lifecycle, including requirements definition, system assessments, gap analysis, RFP development, due diligence, architectural and detailed design, procurement, implementation, acceptance testing, documentation, training, migration, post-migration support and ongoing maintenance.

Wide Product Range
Unlike most IT vendors, we're not limited to a small suite of products.  On the contrary, our expertise is working with you to identify and evaluate a variety of options, then determine which solution best meets your needs.  And when it's time to purchase products, we offer some of the best prices anywhere!

Our overriding goal is to deliver the best value in professional services and products, with superior customer service.

Give us an opportunity to submit a proposal for your next project, supply a short-term consultant, staff a part-time position or bid on your next product procurement, and you'll realize why the majority of our business comes from repeat customers!

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