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Sun Microsystems recently certified a handful of U.S. partners to offer SunSpectrum (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) support services -- the same Sun Services you've probably received for years -- through Sun-approved third-party support centers.  This program offers several advantages:
  • Reach technical support service center personnel on the first call

  • Speak directly with Sun support engineers (rather than non-technical help desk operators)

  • Gain immediate access to Oracle, Veritas, Cisco, Extreme, and Check Point technical support engineers

  • Save 10% - 20% on your SunSpectrum annual maintenance costs
This program is 100% certified and approved by Sun for hardware and software products under a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum support level.  Sun Professional Services performs all hardware repair and replacement ("break/fix") services, and Sun Enterprise Services handles all escalated Tier 2 support issues.  Please contact us for a financial comparison and sample quotation.

Plus departmental and enterprise solutions from a SunTone certified systems integrator and the only iForce Sun National Systems Provider on the west coast.  Great discounts on Oracle and Veritas products, too!

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please call or send us an email.


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