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There's currently two schools of thought regarding wireless/mobile computing: always connected ("real-time" or "online") and occasionally connected ("synchronized" or "offline").  Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and neither is the best solution in all applications.

"Real time" solutions are well-known and appear to be best suited to those applications that:

  • Access multiple sources of data
  • Allow ad hoc queries to online databases
  • Demand up-to-the-second updates
  • Require instant (or near instant) data access
  • Depend on sending notifications/alerts to the user
"Synchronized" solutions are less well-known and appear to be best suited to those applications that:
  • Take users into areas that offer unreliable wireless coverage
  • Need to access multiple data records simultaneously
  • Offer a sophisticated user interface
  • Require a high level of application performance
  • Cross network and/or organizational boundaries
When equipping salespeople, inspectors, maintenance engineers or service technicians with a mobile device, you can't assume they'll always have real-time access to a wireless network.  In reality, they won't -- especially within data centers, telecommunications areas or older plaster-on-metal-lathe buildings -- and that disconnect always seems to happen when they most need connectivity!  If you haven't already explored synchronized solutions, give us a call.

Shopping for a suitable mobile client?  We suggest the Dell AximTM or HP iPaq PocketPC handhelds.  For less protected environments, or if you require integrated barcode scanning, we suggest Symbol's line of ruggedized devices, especially the PPT 8800 series or the amazing WT4000.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please call or send us an email.

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